SHAOXING XINQING TEXTILE CO.,LTD is a professional research and development production of polypropylene chemical fiber enterprises. The predecessor of the enterprise is SHAOXING QIANZHAN  CHEMICAL FIBER CO.,LTD. Successively won: the national high-tech enterprises of China, small and mid-sized enterprise of Zhejiang province, innovative model of small and medium-sized enterprises of Zhejiang province.


The company’s research and development ability is very strong. Successfully research and develop  ministry of finance project for innovation fund projects which Funded by the national ministry of science and technology. The company has 4 patents( 2 utility patents, 2 utility model patents), 8 provincial industrial new products, 2 brands is a well-known brand in Shaoxing City.


Our company establish cooperation relationship with Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, research and develop innovative production of high-grade polypropylene fibre.


And the establishment of the company fully implement ISO9001: 2008 standards and ISO14001:2004 standards.Our products are famous in China and the world.   


The Normal Specifications of our products:

PP FDY 250D-3000D,  PP BCF 800D-6000D, PP ATY 300D-3000D, POLYESTER ATY 300D-3000D.

Our company can be customized according to customer's request. We can produce polypropylene fiber with special function. As hollow, UV protection, antistatic, flame retardant polypropylene composite function, antibacterial, far  infrared, cold and so on. And our goal  is to be first-class international  polypropylene chemical fiber enterprises.